PICTURES: Schedule


Below is the schedule for pictures on Sunday, coaches should have sent this to parents already but I wanted to include it in a clear and collected manner:

12:00 – Pender, Rusnell, Schaedler (Tom)
12:15 – Fisher, Waddington, Beaver
12:30 – Duarte, LaSalla, Parker
12:45 – Clewell, Stutzman, Sanders
1:00 – Hallam, Shonk
1:15 – Fischman, Sweeny, Waters

Chatham Glenn
12:15 – Pena, Espenshade
12:30 – Schaedler (Maureen)
1:15 – Cole
1:30 – Lawler
2:15 – Parker
2:30 – Francis

MEETING: September

The monthly Board meeting for September will take place tomorrow night, September 12th at 7:30PM at the Swatara Township Administration Building.

PICTURES: Sunday, September 22nd


Pictures will be taken on September 22nd for all age groups. Specific timing and order forms will be distributed to coaches in the next week or two.

FIELDS: Update On Vanatta Baseball Use


I’ve just received word from the baseball folks on Vanatta field use… at this time, they’re likely done out there, however, weather and results from their last away game may dictate use early this coming week.  As always, please be respectful and work around them should you arrive at practice and they’re setting up (or already playing).



The Board Meeting for August will take place this Thursday, August 8th at the Swatara Towniship Administration Building at 7:30 PM.


As of this evening, registration for all age groups is closed and full.

FIELDS: No Setup Today

We’ll have to try again some other day.


Today is the last day to register your child for the fall season.  Once the system is shut down, we can no longer accept registrations of any kind.


An updated practice schedule has been posted for U8, U10 and U12.  The change only affected one team and they are already aware of it.

As a reminder, the coaches meeting is this Thursday at 7PM.  U6 coaches are welcome to attend as well, however, it’s not required as we’ll have a separate meeting for you later in August.

FIELDS: Setup Session 2


We’ll be running a second field setup session this coming Saturday, August 3rd at 9AM.  We’ll meet at Chatham Glenn, get those fields taken care of and then, depending on time, head over to Cibort as well.  Any and all volunteers are greatly appreciated.  Please contact Dave Pender if you can help.