MEETING: December

The monthly board meeting for December will take place tomorrow evening, Thursday, December 12th at 7:30PM at the Swatara Township Administration Building. If you’re interested in a  position on the board, now is the time to speak up – we are always in need of volunteers for various positions so please donate just a bit of your time for our kids.

MEETING: November

The monthly board meeting for November will take place tomorrow evening, Thursday, November 14th at 7:30PM at the Swatara Township Administration Building. We will be wrapping up the season, reviewing financials and laying the foundation for next year. As always, parents and coaches are encouraged to attend.

FIELDS: LD-Swatara Creek Field Change

Parents & Coaches:

All games for the rest of the season that were scheduled for LD’s Swatara Creek field (LSC) have been moved to East Hanover Township Park.  A map is available here.  As most of you know, the LSC field was plagued (literally) with grubs causing the turf to separate from the ground which could cause a dangerous situation for the players as well as less-than-ideal playing conditions in general.  The following teams are affected:

10/19 – U10G Hallam, U12B Duarte
10/26 – U10B Schaedler, U10G Hallam, U12G Waters
11/2 – None

COACHES: Check Your Email

Coaches (U10 and U12 only),

Please check your email for a message from last week and respond as soon as possible if you haven’t already.


PICTURES: Have Arrived

Pictures have arrived and we are working to distribute them to coaches as soon as possible.

MEETING: October

The monthly board meeting for October will take place this coming Thursday, October 10th at the Swatara Township Administration Building at 7:30PM.

PICTURES: Schedule


Below is the schedule for pictures on Sunday, coaches should have sent this to parents already but I wanted to include it in a clear and collected manner:

12:00 – Pender, Rusnell, Schaedler (Tom)
12:15 – Fisher, Waddington, Beaver
12:30 – Duarte, LaSalla, Parker
12:45 – Clewell, Stutzman, Sanders
1:00 – Hallam, Shonk
1:15 – Fischman, Sweeny, Waters

Chatham Glenn
12:15 – Pena, Espenshade
12:30 – Schaedler (Maureen)
1:15 – Cole
1:30 – Lawler
2:15 – Parker
2:30 – Francis

MEETING: September

The monthly Board meeting for September will take place tomorrow night, September 12th at 7:30PM at the Swatara Township Administration Building.

PICTURES: Sunday, September 22nd


Pictures will be taken on September 22nd for all age groups. Specific timing and order forms will be distributed to coaches in the next week or two.

FIELDS: Update On Vanatta Baseball Use


I’ve just received word from the baseball folks on Vanatta field use… at this time, they’re likely done out there, however, weather and results from their last away game may dictate use early this coming week.  As always, please be respectful and work around them should you arrive at practice and they’re setting up (or already playing).