We simply can’t wait any longer.  All age groups are closed and full with the exception of U6 – we have 2 slots open there.  There will be no additional sign ups allowed, we must move forward with uniforms, rosters, equipment and scheduling.


UPDATE: U6 is now closed as well.


The July board meeting with take place this week on Thursday, July 9th at 7:30PM at the Swatara Township Administration Building.



We must close down registration on the 9th, we are already full in some age groups/genders.  Please do not wait any longer to sign your children up for the fall season.



Please read this carefully as it contains important information.  The link at the bottom of this page is now open for coaches to sign up to be placed with a team.  Please know that we have very low numbers so far this year (roughly 120 kids total) compared to last year (roughly 230 kids total).  As a result, we’ll probably have more volunteers than needed (that’s a good thing).  If you’re not placed with a team, it’s nothing personal.

There are several new mandates for coaches this year.  Two dealing with child protection and one dealing with concussion training.  All three are mandatory and require just a bit of your time.  New legislation on the child protection laws allows volunteers (those not being paid for their services) to complete the background checks free of charge, however, not until after July 25th.  If you complete the background checks before that time, you will be charged $10 for each of them ($20 total).  Some of you may already have these completed.  There is a third check that is required if you have not lived in the state of Pennsylvania for more than 10 years.  This is through the FBI and requires fingerprints and a bit more effort.  If we need to move forward with this check for anyone, SYSA will reimburse you for the expense.  We’ll handle these on a case-by-case basis only after the teams have been formed and coaches assigned.

Regardless, if you’re interested in coaching, please use the link below to register in the system.  Once we have the teams established, we’ll contact coaches to complete the necessary background checks and concussion certifications prior to the start of the game season.  EPYSA, our governing body, is allowing a grace period on these for the month of August to allow for them to be done free of charge.  The original law required them to be completed prior to July 1st.

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve worked through this with both law makers and EPYSA.  These checks will be good for 3 years and are transferrable to other activities (Scouts, church work, school functions…) so it’s not a total waste of time or effort.

The concussion training is all web-based and takes roughly 45 minutes to complete.  It’s very informative and simple to complete (no, you can’t cheat the system and skip through it, I tried).

Links to everything is below.  All certificates should be emailed in PDF format to

We must have all clearances on file before the first game of the season, no exceptions.  All coaches – head and assistant – must complete all necessary clearances.

Risk Management Application – please select “Swatara Youth SA” from the drop down list.

Concussion Training – you’ll be provided a PDF certificate at completion, please save and send to

PA Department of Public Welfare Background Check – please save and send to, free after July 25th when selecting “volunteer”

PA State Police Background Check – please save and send to, free after July 25th when selecting “volunteer”

We’ll be sure to remind coaches to complete the background checks after July 25th.  If you would like to do so sooner, that’s fine, however, SYSA will not be responsible to cover the costs.

REGISTRATION: Mail-in Checks

There was an error on in the registration system that caused the address to mail checks to not be included.  Checks (payable to SYSA) can be mailed to the address below.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

259 N 72ND ST
Harrisburg, PA 17111


The monthly board meeting for June will take place this Thursday, June 11th at the Swatara Township Administration Building at 7:30PM.

Walk-in registration will also be available during the meeting. 

REGISTRATION: Deadline and Walk-In

Walk-in registration will be held on June 20th between 9AM and 12PM at the Swatara Township Administration Building.

If you plan to register online, please do not wait, the sooner we have a general idea of how many kids there will be, the sooner we can get things moving for the season (uniforms, teams, schedules…).


The monthly board meeting for May will take place this Thursday, May 14th at the Swatara Township Administration Building at 7:30PM.


Online registration for the fall season is now open.  We will be announcing walk-in registration dates soon.  Online is the preferred method of registration as it ensures timely and accurate information gathering.

Please note that we have raised the prices for this season by $5 for each player.  While this decision was not made lightly, it was deemed necessary in order to offset rising costs for uniforms as well as new mandatory background checks for all volunteers.  The latter costing close for $45 per person.

More information is available HERE.

REGISTRATION: Opening May 1st, 2015

Online registration for the Fall 2015 season will be opening on May 1st, 2015.  Walk-in date(s) and time(s) will be available soon.