We have received a large number of requests already this year for a child to be placed on a specific team or with other specific players.  In continuing the policy enacted last year, these requests are noted but not guaranteed in any way.  The Board (specifically the respective directors) handles each request individually and they all start with “no”.  From there, specific reasons are factored in to determine if the request will be granted.

Some examples:

  • Siblings in the same age/gender group are always placed together to ensure transportation and game attendance are not an issue (unless a parent requests otherwise.
  • “Sally and Susie are best friends and do everything together” is almost always denied.  Recreational soccer is about making friends, meeting new people and learning the sport of soccer.
  • “I work nights and my neighbor needs to take my child to practice” is almost always approved.  If it can’t be, the Board will work with a parent to make alternate arrangements to ensure a child can participate.