The monthly Board meeting for December will take place this Thursday night at 7:30PM at the Swatara Township Administration Building. Coaches, if you would like to unload your equipment for off-season storage, this would be a great time to do so (you don’t have to stay for the meeting, but all are welcome).

The agenda should be short and sweet with the opening of the nominations window for positions on the 2012 board and review of year-end financials. Also, a vote will be taking place on Board reorganization. This has been discussed at many of the meetings this year and, if approved, will go into effect for the 2012 calendar year. The two proposed reorganization items are listed below:

-Promotion of the U6 Coordinator Position to full-voting board member (currently, non-voting volunteer). This will bring the number of voting board members to 7.
-Should the above be approved, dissolution of the Executive Board. The purpose of the Executive Board has been mostly to break ties in voting by the regular, six person board. With a new structure of an odd number of votes, the Executive Board becomes redundant.

On the second point above, to my knowledge, the Executive Board has not had to vote in a tie-break situation in many years.

As always, parents, coaches and other Myers of the public are welcome and any input (good or bad) is encouraged.