Usually, about this time, we’re headed into the last week of the season. This year, we still have two to go after this weekend.

The plan remains to play this weekend as scheduled despite the rain and cold. Please plan accordingly and dress the kids with the following notes in mind:

-Sock hats ARE permitted, however, they must be tight-fitting and NOT have any “dangles” like a snowboarder would wear or ear flaps with a tie for around the chin.

-Pants are permitted but must be worn UNDER jersey shorts and OVER shin guards/socks.

-Gloves are permitted, as with hats, they should be tight-fitting and NOT have straps or hooks that hang freely and can get caught on another player.

-Hooded sweatshirts should be avoided, however, if they are worn, the hood MUST be tucked inside the jersey shirt.

-Jackets, or other items that may have a zipper, can be worn on the sidelines but must be removed prior to going on the field.