Several important things came out of last night’s meeting.  Below is a rundown of discussion that took place.

Trophies – the Board voted unanimously to raise the approved spending to $7 per child ($6 in previous years).  Additionally, we are not requiring coaches to get trophies, there are several other items including plaques, pedestals, plates and several other ideas.  Billing, as in previous years will be sent directly to the club.  Coaches, please visit Youth Sports Photo’s site ( for more information on what is available.  There is a form to fill out online with your interest or you can call their office at any time.  Please get your order in soon so that you have them before the end of the season.  (This is for ALL coaches from U6-U12).

Festival – it’s already been mentioned, but it’s worth a reminder – due to reschedules and weather-related factors, there will be no Fall Festival at the end of the season this year.  This was a difficult decision amongs the SOLD members and we looked at many alternative options to try and make something happen, however, it just wasn’t meant to be this year.

Left-over Long Sleeve Shirts – We have a limited number of long-sleeve shirts left over.  These are the same shirts given to coaches, volunteers and kids for the season.  They are all black with the white SYSA logo on them.  As a means of not having to store them, we’re offering them to friends and family AT COST.  Below is a list of sizes available and how many there are as of this writing.  Cost is $6.50 per shirt, please email if you are interested.  Shirts will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sizes – # available:
Youth Small – 3
Adult Small – 1
Adult Large – 6
Adult XLarge – 10
Adult XXLarge

Team Parties – With the loss of the Festival for this year, as well as our current positive financial situation as a Club, we’re happy to have unanimously approved contributing $30 per team towards an end-of-season party for each team.  There are several local places that make a great party location including (but not limited to) Your Place Restaurant, Pizza Delight, and many others.  This doesn’t have to be pizza, and it’s not mandatory that coaches organize a party for their team, however, it makes a great venue for handing out those trophies mentioned above.  Michelle will be cutting a check to each coach and we’ll get them distributed to coaches at games and/or practices before the end of the season.